Why I Love: Dave Matthews Band

the kid has got it figured out… I’ve followed DMB for about 15 years longer, but he caught up quickly. I only wish I had the time + funds to hit multiple shows a year + have the endurance to get on the rail + earn the coveted prizes from the band. privilege of youth, I suppose…
one, maybe two, shows a year is it for me.
rock on, Devon ~ peace + LoVE + DMB



Back in the old myspace days  I remember several friends having a music video on their page.You remember those days. You had to go and find the embed codes and paste them in the middle of all this gibberish. It was a pre-youtube world. Anyways this video was incredible. So well made. Such an interesting series of images. But the song. The song was remarkable. It was this brutal cry against the fragility of life. A cry for help against death.  This eagerness to feel something after life. I’d never heard such an emotional sad and yet somehow uplifting song. It was a song that made you think you could fight death, stand before it and punch it to a pulp.

Gravedigger was not my first exposure to Dave Matthews.  I was familiar with his radio hits of my day. Crash Into Me was a song everyone and their mother…

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